Hip, hop, Zeeuwse knop

The ‘Zeeland button’ knop is a key souvenir of our past, as much for us as it is for you. Pronounced today as ‘nop’, its original form was ‘knoop’, expressed as ‘nope’. Say yes to the nope.

Long a part of traditional Zeeland clothing, the knop was the farmer’s collar stud button. Around 1870 it evolved into its present shape as a round mound on a flat circle of metal, surrounded by a ring of smaller mounds, and – sometimes – between those, even smaller ones.

Our traditional dress is no longer worn daily, but the Zeeuwse knop is far from extinct. Now hip, the button shape has been adopted in sweets, chocolate and cakes. Our artists – and they are wackily hip – have even made pieces of soap and bicycle bells in its honour.

The knop has returned as jewellery too: as the 19th century closed, it was worn as a brooch in women’s bonnets. Today, we wear it proudly as a brooch, a stud earring and necklace pendant. So do our souvenir-carrying visitors. Bedankt!


You’ll find knwoape, knoppen, buttons at most vendor of local produce, jewellers and any VVV Inspiration Point.

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