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Zeeland, land of crafts. Crafts associated with the sea and water, such as the oyster- and mussel trade. Inland, there are even more crafts. You can see them at work. Old crafts, new traditions.

Cheese making
The long agricultural tradition of Zeeland continues today on cheese farms. Hand-made cheese and other dairy products are sold on many farms. They also organise workshops, or can even host a birthday party. Guess what’s on the menu?

Milling and grinding goes on in Zeeland, often at least once a week – of mainly local grains and seeds. In a working mill, you can feel the raw power of the wind and watch it result in finely ground flour. As well as a thriving trade selling to local bakeries, they will sell direct to you. The best pancakes you’ll ever cook will be with this flour, to be sure. Or you could go really native and bake your own bolus pastries. Recipes are on most flour bags.

Oysters and mussels
This is pure Zeeland, the oyster- and mussel trade. One oyster species is genetically unique, taste-wise too. Yerseke is home to several mussel breeders, whom you can visit. When you see how much time, passion and care goes into their craft, a bowl of mussels will taste even better! Pop along to the oyster ponds too, to see the closing phase of a fascinating growth process. Combine your visits with a guide, and round it all off with a tasting or in a local restaurant.

Crafts centre
You can see all sorts of crafts (we say ‘ambachten’) being practiced at the Ambachtscentrum in the Hollandsche Hoeve recreation park. Authentic buildings house the workshops of various artisans, happy to explain their craft. Watch candle making, glass blowing and more. Maybe try your hand? You could even craft your own souvenir!

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