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Indoor sports in Zeeland

Sport in Zeeland is outdoors and indoors. Good to know, if you can’t miss your daily sport routines. Or if you want some exercise but the weather won’t let you out. You’ll never be far from a swimming pool or a bowling alley. More extreme, the option of a go-kart track is always there.

Swimming pool

As you know, Zeeland is a land of water. To the outside waters, we have added covered swimming pools, ranging from paradises to pool. They all provide endless pleasure and recreation: feel free to just do laps.

Bowling alleys

In our land of contrasts, even the (occasional) bad weather has an upside: bowling. Also great in fine weather! You’ll often find some cool offers at various bowling alleys in Zeeland. Go for glory with a one-in-all shot (be honest, not likely!) or just wrap yourself in the fun of a real contest, and do your best.


Fancy a day in the stables? Put on those long riding boots, strap on the hat and slide onto that saddle. Either on your own horse or pony, or one from the stables. You’ve got the time on holiday to build your skills in a one-to-one or a group lesson. Get ideas and tips from how the others do it. On a day course, you can have lunch while watching how they handle the trough, observing other riders who might be on hand.

Sports centres

Keeping a holidaying eye on your condition, but without the hassle of all that loose sand and insect bites in the woods? Check out one of the sports centres in Zeeland. They’ve got what it takes. From classical fitness to dance classes in Zumba and to a Dutch-idea of a boot camp. Exert yourself, stretch out on the sun lounger, a quick shower and the rest of the day will unfold before your eyes.


This is karting with the Go-. We do it, very well. A four-wheel scooter, with engine, will whisk you over the course. Calmer people spectate, in comfort, behind glass walls. But if adrenaline, and nature-nudging speed, is your thing, brrrrroom!


For the tactically inclined sport person, paintball is where teams attempt to visibly hit – and thus eliminate - an opponent with a ball containing paint, shot from a gun-like mechanism. Quite a sophisticated game! Regulations apply.

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