Sports with kids

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Sports with kids

Another side of Zeeland is being out and about with the kids, the whole family on the move, getting exercise, having fun. Go exploring along the ready-made bike routes, or walks – or invent your own. Or splash and romp the day away at a swimming pool, indoors or outdoors. Or see who’s the biggest kid of you all, down on the beach, in the sea.


Because children have smaller bikes, and may get tired the fastest, we have adapted our bike hub network. Now, there are child-focused routes which are shorter, but have awesome things to see and do on the way, including some great attractions.

Pearl routes

These interactive walking routes are loaded with fun. A puzzle here, an assignment there. They’re never longer than 5 km and have something for all the family – including the tiniest of tots. And they include the best sights of Zeeland province.

Sporting life, at the pool

Most holiday parks have their own swimming pools, often open to non-residents. So whereever you are in Zeeland, the pool is always an option. Plentiful indoor pools, and a good helping of outdoor pools – typically open from May to September.

The beach

With a coastline as long as ours, you’ll never be far from the beach. There’s exercise from start to finish, starting with getting all the clobber to the right place. And then running to and fro, between the sea and the sandcastle. Time out with a football, a quick session of tika-taka passing, then back to the castle. Oh Lordy.

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