Beach yoga

Yoga on the beach in Zeeland, where the forces of the water meet the forces of the land and its dwellers. Yoga is balance. Where your feet are at one with the sand, your ears with the calming rustles of the waves, your nose with the fresh breeze. Yoga is unity. As it slowly warms your skin, you greet the rising sun: Good Day Yellow Orb. You can only be at ease. This is where body and mind merge in a sea of tranquillity, where stress and pressure just fade away. Here in Zeeland.

Yoga on the beach in Zeeland

A Sanskrit word, yoga means ‘to join together’, ‘the equilibrium of two forces’. Those of the body and those of the mind. Of thought and feeling. Of doing and not doing. Of work and rest. Of exertion and relaxation. You don’t need perform anything special, just be yourself. Yoga is for any one, requiring no special agility. It depends much on the concentration and commitment of you, the practitioner, and your own experience. And your openness and interest, you’re here and now.

In the summertime, you can practice yoga on many beaches in Zeeland. In its many iterations, individually or in a group. The Yogastudio Ouddorp offers the pursuit of SUP yoga on a Stand Up Paddle board and yoga for surfers, as well as yoga on the beach.

Hammock yoga in Zeeland

In Kamperland, Tai-Chi Zeeland organises several beach workshops including ‘Tai-Chi, Yoga and Qigong’, and ‘Mindfulness & Meditation’ and hammock yoga. You can hang in the multi-coloured hammocks under a beach pavilion, and focus on relaxation and breathing rhythms. It’s great fun too: the après-yoga time is part of the programme. You’ll gently swing in a cocoon shape, eyes closed, your mind wandering, as you slumber and nod off. And in the background, the distant whisperings of the water as it shapes rippling patterns in the sand.

The intensity of beach yoga is tangible, occupying your senses. The décor of the sea and beach, under the enormous skies of Zeeland, is a mighty backdrop to the glories that are happening to you. Your exercises are strengthening your muscles, you can feel how your inner concentration is enveloping your judgement. Another day it is, and this is going to be a good one, superb. After yoga, on the beach.

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