Healty seaside resorts Domburg and Cadzand-Bad

Cadzand-Bad and Domburg, two health seaside resorts

Domburg and Cadzand-Bad are the only Dutch seaside resorts the quality criteria of the European Thalassotherapy Medical Association. The seaside location is healthy for body and mind. In addition to therapy and wellness activities, the two health seaside resorts with their various beach, dune and polder landscapes offer sporting, cultural and culinary activities.

A seaside resort is awarded the label of beneficial only if the beneficial effects of sea water, climate, and soil products have been examined and declared beneficial. The variety of vitality and wellness activities, therapies and packages complete the picture.

Healing seaside resort Domburg

A natural and healthy environment

Sea water, sea air, climate and soil products play an important role for the “bath status”. The sea water at Domburg has been examined by the SGS Institut Fresenius. Thanks to its special composition and physical properties, the sea appears to be sufficient “Sole” (salt) for the qualification “healing water”. Domburg, situated by the sea with its pure air and beneficial water, offers opportunities for balneo (water) therapies and thalasso treatments aimed at prevention and recovery.

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Healing seaside resort Cadzand-Bad

Climate and environment provide added value

Both climate and environment give added value to Cadzand-Bad. The low pollen sea air and strength of the sea water contain beneficial health factors that contribute to vitality. The area offers possibilities for Thalassotherapy in a natural environment. The beaches, the sea, the landscapes and the dunes are ideal for a high-quality wellness experience. Cadzand-Bad offers a natural and relaxed environment for people who are looking for therapeutic facilities, wellness, selfness and relaxation.

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Seaside resort with local wellness products

Locally grown wellness products

A new product has been developed especially for Thalassotherapy: ZILT Thalasso Therapy. The products are made from ingredients sourced from Zeeland’s waters. Seaweed, for example, is rich in vitamins C and E, proteins and minerals such as iodine and calcium and micronutrients. This protein can be used directly as human nutrition but also as a sustainable source of protein in cosmetics, e.g. creams, lotions, wraps, masks and massage oil.

Healing seaside resort - Zlife


A number of products from Zeeland, such as sea lavender, marsh samphire and the Zeeland oyster, have been examined by C &C Laboratories for their beneficial effects. These products contain protective and healing ingredients and essential fatty acids which are good for your skin. The products of Z-life Cosmetics anticipate on this. By using the extracts of sea lavender and marsh samphire, mussel shells, oyster DNA, shepherd’s purse and horsetail in its products, Z-life makes a real contribution to improving the skin.

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Healing seaside resort - vital nutrition

Vital nutrition

The North Sea, the mud flats and salt marshes offer healthy and nutritious products such as fish, shellfish and sea vegetables such as seaweed, sea lavender and marsh samphire. Dog roses, burnet roses, sweet briar and elder can be found in the dunes. Good nutrition can have a revitalising effect. A ‘sea diet’ helps people feel more vital. Due to its location by the sea, Cadzand-Bad and Domburg have many regional and natural products like these.


Domburg and Cadzand-Bad offer a wide range of wellness and therapy possibilities. Sand, sun and the cold sea water are key elements in relaxation massages and detox treatments. In addition to programs in the open air and on the beach, there are also arrangements in hotels and in yoga centres.

Domburg en Cadzand-Bad hebben een breed aanbod van wellness- en therapiemogelijkheden. Zand, zon en het koude zeewater staan centraal in ontspanningsmassages en detoxkuren. Naast programma’s in de buitenlucht en op het strand zijn er arrangementen in hotels en in yogacentra.


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The realisation of the bath status was made possible partly thanks to a financial contribution from the Province of Zeeland.