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You´ll find plenty of inspiration for your holiday on this website. The next thing to do is to register for your own personal account (My Zeeland Holiday), which is the perfect way of saving ideas for your holiday, quickly and easily and in one convenient place. You can then use these ideas to put together your own holiday brochure, you can save your favourites, plan your holiday and lots, lots more. Below you´ll find an overview of what you can use your account for.

Saving your favourites

Have you spotted the beach house of your dreams or an attraction you don't want to miss out on? Why not save them with all your other favourite activities, accommodation and attractions in your My Zeeland Holiday account. Next time you log in, they’ll be here waiting for you. You can also make notes about your favourites and mark the places on your own personal digital map of Zeeland!

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Zeeland Holiday Planner

The Zeeland Holiday Planner is a handy tool for organising your holiday or weekend away. You can collect your favourite items from the website (accommodation, an attraction or a restaurant for example) and plan them in to suit your own travel schedule (you can even allocate a date and time for each activity). You can add personal notes to each item then all you need to do is click on Print and your own personal holiday schedule will be turned into a PDF. Save it on your own computer, email it to yourself, your family or your friends. It’s as simple as that!

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Personal holiday brochure

Choose your favourites from our website, make your own notes and then create your own holiday brochure as a PDF. You’ll have your very own personalised holiday brochure with a clear overview of all your favourite locations, accommodation, attractions and day trips etc, with your own comments that you can save to your computer, send to family and friends or print out and give as a gift!

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Requesting Brochures

Once you have logged in to My Zeeland Holiday, you can request the holiday brochures that have caught your eye and we will send them to you as quickly as possible.

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Personal mailing

On your account you can ask to be kept up to date with all the latest Zeeland tips, designed with your personal interests in mind. A few times a year we will mail you information on for example the newest trips or events.

A personal account for My Zeeland Holiday has many advantages and can be arranged in a few seconds. Sign in for your personal My Zeeland Holiday account. No account yet? Register here!