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You’re welcome to come and enjoy the finest we have in Zeeland. Please do so sensibly, avoid any bustle and keep your distance: at least 1.5 metres. Make sure you'll reserve your accommodation, restaurant, beach cabin or museum visit in advance.

Briny breezes, rich landscapes, endless seascapes. Is it the sea wind, or the boundless surf that adds something special to the air? Inspiration, to be sure. Blended with relaxation, it’s a unique Zeeland way of bonding, in the land-on-sea. Enterprise, effort and enjoyment. For business purposes of course. Distinctively. Effortless, too.


We have space. It’s what we do. For congresses, symposiums, training days, incentive trips and more. Comfortable meeting options are bountiful. Hotels with superb facilities. Good guest rooms, Light, spacious and well-equipped meeting rooms. The right AV equipment. And a sea view. Congress hotels can host day meetings or in the evening. And for longer stays, they’ll be happy to book you in.


Think outside the box. Let the new ideas shine in. New twists, new turns. No better place to do this than in the arms of the land of contrasts, Zeeland. Always another perspective, everywhere a diversity of culture and nature. With inspiration in the air, everyone can breathe more easily. Breathe in harmony, connect better, and renew the alchemy of the team.

Unique locations change equations

Their uniqueness is your value added. Inspiringly unexpected, unexpectedly inspiring. Shift your own paradigm by hosting your meeting in the oldest sea fort of Western Europe. Or meet on the former work island of the Delta Works, Neeltje Jans. Deep in the weather, sensing the ebb and flow of the tides, feeling the sand migrate, the dunes hold firm. Or in a fortress, castle or cruise boat. New dimensions, renewed intentions.


Use all the possibilities which Zeeland has to offer. Relax between, and after, meeting sessions. Exercise the mind by exercising the body. Our polders, dikes and dunes are just waiting to be discovered. Jump on your bikes, everyone! Chins up for the MTB helmet. Sensible shoes, or wellies, please, walkers. A group outing in a nature reserve will remove everyone’s own reserve. You’ll see.


The best ideas always come out on top, like plants in the nature reserve you should visit. With a guide or on your own – though like in your meeting, a guide can be very helpful. Picture yourselves among the beaches and creeks of the Zwin near Cadzand. The dunes in the woods of Boswachterij Westerschouwen. The sinewy marshes of the Verdronken land van Saeftinghe. This is sensual: see, touch, listen, and savour the taste and scents. Briny fine food. Fish, shellfish and salty vegetables. Sense the purity of regional produce. Peep behind the scenes at a vineyard, a brewery or at a mussel breeder’s. Admire those medieval builders during your town walking tour. Or the wondrous weavers who wove the patchwork you will see from your aerial tour. By helicopter.

Team building

This way, folks, altogether now. Clarity in communication. Being one team. Fresh impulses, renewed togetherness. The beach is a superb arena for team-building with space enough to be active. The sea wind will vent in new ideas, help to mould the group. Beaches are for us, like us. Pop down to the beach between two sessions. Or take your apéritif in a beach pavilion. Or take your business partners out on a flat-bottomed boat. But, hey, the team decides, right?


You really want to rewrite those tired old mantras? Make a lively day workshop of it. Kite flying, Blocarting, riding a kite buggy. Sailing. Abseiling up the climbing tower on the Oosterschelde barrier. That’ll help everyone focus more, and then some. The elements tugging at your arm, group speed, clashing energies. You’re all far away from work – oh yeah? -- and mixing fun with pleasure. You’ll all be sweet and sticky together after this. Remind you of something else in Zeeland?

Groups this way please

To book a meeting or congress, the Groups team at VVV Zeeland are ready to assist. They’ll tell you all about group outings and packages. Our ZeeYou team too. Visit


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Koudekerke, Vlissingen

Strandhotel Westduin

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Congres- en Vergaderlocatie Resort Land & Zee

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