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Special hotels of note in Zeeland

Every province has them, those hotels with a certain allure. Often it’s the remarkable building. More often, it’s the history. And its reputation will have gone ahead of it to reach you. No doubt you’ll be longing for the walls to divulge a secret or two! When you delve into the rich history of Zeeland, you’ll see the significance of our special hotels. Some are still open to welcome you, others are still fondly spoken of.

Hostellerie Schuddebeurs in Schuddebeurs

Just above Zierikzee lie the wee woods of Schuddebeurs, with its surprising wealth of flora and fauna. Oaks, beeches, hawthorns and conifers are what first meets the eye, but take a closer peep. Woodpeckers, owls, salamanders. Wait, was that a polecat? And weasels. Majestic deer. In the Golden Century, the area was home to numerous wealthy residences and around them some splendid parks and woods were established. It is, you will see, a superb place to cycle around or to stroll in. Your overnight stay is in store for you at Hostellerie Schuddebeurs. Behind its romantic name, ambience and authenticity. Wel te rusten.

Badhotel Domburg

Ever since 1866, Badhotel Domburg has exuded the grandeur of a long bygone era. It reposes virtually at the foot of the dunes, close to the woods. The beach and the fresh sea wind are always within its grasp, and downtown Domburg is a mere walk away. An ideal location for a real holiday, or a short getaway break. The property’s extensive spa, called ‘SPA Domburg; reveals so much of Zeeland’s energy. Retreat or reset among the decorative, healing patterns of mussel shells and sand shapes. Enjoy oysters in your bath, a ‘real’ North Sea storm. Lay back, this is the DNA of Zeeland.

Hotel Britannia in Vlissingen

The ‘Brit’ is what people call the Hotel Britannia on Vlissingen’s Boulevard Evertsen. The original building rose here in 1886 as the Grand Hôtel des Bains. The name change to Hotel Britannia came in 1924. During the Second World War, it was used as the Staff Headquarters of the German occupying forces. During the liberation of Vlissingen in 1944, the building was completely destroyed. From 1955 to 1960 a new Hotel Britannia slowly arose. Its turbulent history came to end in 1992, and it sank into dilapidation. Plans to establish a new four- or five-star hotel are well on their way. The name: Britannia.

Mondragon in Zierikzee

The name ‘Mondragon’ is well-known in Zierikzee. The hotel first stood on the Noordzijde of the Oude Haven in 1855. Behind it was the Concertzaal concert hall, opened in 1856 with extravagant ceremony. The complex finally closed its doors in late 2000. Since then, plans have emerged for a new Mondragon property, of the same name, as Zierikzee and its people would expect. Mondragon goes back a long way. It was during the Eighty Year War that Cristóbal de Mondragón lay siege to the town for a full nine months, before his conquest was complete.

Hotel Du Commerce in Middelburg

The Hotel-Restaurant Du Commerce is 130 years young, but already one of the oldest surviving hotels in Zeeland. Its central location, the Loskade (unloading quay) was once in the valued harbour of the Dutch East India Company, known as the VOC. At the peak of the VOC in the 17th century, Middelburg was the second most important town of the Netherlands, after Amsterdam. Over a period of two centuries, some 300 ships were built here, for the trade in spices, textiles and porcelain with Asia. The centre of Middelburg is still richly dotted with evocative buildings of those golden days.

Hotel KOM!

Hotel KOM! is the latest occupant of a historical building on the Grote Markt on Sint Maartensdijk. Its stylish renovation has retained its character, and included a new name, an exhortation to “Come!” The relaxing lounge downstairs has a fine open fireplace. Sint Maartensdijk is a ‘smalstad’. The word was used in the 16th to 18th centuries to indicate the special status of seven smaller towns in the then region of Zeeland. A medieval ‘smalstad’ was granted a town charter, yet did not get to send a representative to the ‘Staten’ (regional council) of Zeeland.

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