Last minute

To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules, applicable from 15 October to 15 November 2020. Check them here in English.

Have you got a sudden need – go on, you know that craving!  – for some sun, sea or beach? Want to lean into a wild autumn wind? Thrill at the hissing whitecaps on the waves? You’ll catch your breath here – and catch up with yourself. Whatever the season. Keep your expectations high. 100% holiday fun, and all the luxury and comfort you deserve.

Last minute

Spontaneous. That’s you, and we’re ready. You fancy some sea, some land, some of both. Close by, and far away. Last-minute by last-minute, Zeeland changes, a land of contrasts. Ebb and flow, fresh and briny, woods and dunes, and room to discover new opposites.

Ah! A bargain

Amidst all the diversity you’ll find here, one thing is sure with a last-minute deal and flexible dates: the prices are lower. So take your time, there’ll always be another side of Zeeland waiting for you.

Culture and environment

Maybe it’s more culture that you crave? That’s part of last-minute Zeeland too. Culture lover? Take an inquisitive stroll down the threads of Zierikzee, Middelburg, Tholen, Sluis or Veere (or loads of other spots) and history is alive and well today, weaving your magic carpet ride. The monumental buildings will waft you away to the heady, prosperous, exotic days of the Dutch East India Company. Nature lover? You’re love the carpets of flowers on Zuid-Beveland. And the forest at Westenschouwen, Zeeland’s largest. Or book a kayak trip on the Veerse lake of go snorkelling in the Grevelingen.

Walk that wind!

There’s always reason enough to grab a last minute to Zeeland. Unwind, wind in your face, in your lungs. Whatever the weather. Early on in the year, at the end. Are you, like they say in the ads, listless and tired? Take a break, and book last minute in Zeeland hotel. One with a spa, sauna and pool. Deal?

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OK732 - Oosterpark 62

  • bungalow
  • overnight stay
  • oostkapelle
from 325.00

DB156 - De Bosrand

  • holiday home
  • overnight stay
  • domburg
from 595.00
  • 1

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