To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules. Check them here in English.

We’ve put a lot of thought into the services you might need as a visitor. Even to the extent of finding the nearest VVV Inspiration Point on your mobile. Or checking on the beach facilities nearby, or looking for other things to do. Happy to help.

Free WiFi

In many parts of Zeeland you can use the DELTA WiFi service for free. Connect to a hotspot when you want to check the Internet, your mail or social media. Find out more about free WiFi here.

Health care on holiday

When you might need special care, with your mobility or care facilities, it’s always to plan ahead, before or during your stay. All over the province, you’ll find accommodations which meet your needs. Several beaches have special beach-friendly wheelchairs. There will probably be facilities for dialysis near you. Click here if you need health and mobility care during your stay.


Zeeland means going and being outdoors, so it’s best to know the weather forecast. Even if the weather is not so good, there are loads of things to do, places to go to. Here’s a listing of some bad-weather outings.

Beach facilities

And when the weather is fine, you’ll surely head for the beach. Here’s a list of the best beaches to help you choose. 

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