VVV Gift Card

The VVV Giftcard is the most popular giftcard in the Netherlands. Eight million are sold every year – they can be used at 23,000 (web)shops and outlets – only for full face value.

Very suitable

The VVV Gift Voucher is good for any sort of present, whether private or for business use. Good for birthdays, Sint Niklaas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other celebrations. On the other side, it can be used for a seasonal gift, a business gift, a ‘thank you’, for secretary day, or for staff presents.


You can easily determine the value of the VVV Gift Card (from €5.- up to a maximum of €250.-). 

Points of sale

You can buy the VVV Gift Card at any VVV office. Here is a list of all the VVV Inspiration Points in Zeeland. 

Exchange the voucher

You can use the VVV Gift Voucher for purchases for a day out, some nice breaks or to support charitable work. These can be local shops or national chains, attraction parks, charities, food and drink outlets, museums and more. You’ll recognise these places by the logo and a voucher image on shop windows and points of sale like cash tills. With a sticker saying ‘Hier te besteden’ (accepted here). Look here for the places in Zeeland where you can exchange the VVV Gift Voucher.

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