VVV Inspiration Points

VVV Inspiration Points

VVV Inspiration Points

To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules, applicable from 15 October to 15 November 2020. Check them here in English.

The VVV is thé place to get inspiration for your Zeeland holiday. You can go there for all kinds of information on Zeeland, its attractions and accommodation (from hotel to campsite and more). Our employees have an in-depth knowledge of the region and are more than willing to give you extra tips or inspiration for a unique holiday. You can also book accommodation and (entry) tickets here. Now, if that isn’t handy! A one-stop point where you can get everything for your holiday, both locally and in advance.

Always a VVV nearby

There are several VVV Inspiration Points in every part of Zeeland, mostly in the bigger touristic places. The bigger the VVV, the more extensive the services they offer. Additionally, there are more entrepreneurs where you can obtain VVV tourist information via information screens.

Shopping at the VVV Tourist Office

At the bigger VVV Tourist Offices you can buy all kinds of useful and fun things. We sell souvenirs, postcards and useful items for on your holiday (raincoats, sunglasses, beach games, etc.) If you would like to go out exploring the region, you can find guides to beautiful walking and cycle routes or handy maps. In short, we have everything you need for your holiday in Zeeland.

VVV Gift Vouchers

All VVV Tourist Offices issue special VVV gift vouchers which can be used to choose a present for yourself, or for someone else: a new CD, a book, new clothes, flowers and plants. In fact, with a VVV gift voucher you are completely free to spend it wherever you want to. Our gift vouchers are accepted at most large chain stores and at thousands of local specialist shops. Take a unique Zeeland picture In the VVV Inspiration Point Domburg you can have your picture taken in a really special way. You can take it and share it for free via Facebook, Twitter or email. Or you can print your picture and have it put in a special picture cover for only €6.95. Discover our Green Room.

Shopping online at the VVV Tourist Office

It´s all so convenient! Get organised for your holiday in advance by ordering maps for walking and cycle routes, admission tickets and all kinds of other handy Zeeland goodies at the VVV Zeeland Webshop.

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