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VVV Lekkerweg gift card

The VVV Lekkerweg gift card is specially designed for spending on overnight stays during short holiday breaks. It works digitally, with a preloaded balance. ‘Lekkerweg’ means ‘nice to get away’.

It can be used at any of 2,500 overnight accommodations in the Netherlands. Varying from luxury hotels to small B&B’s. Or a holiday home where you stay with just your own family, or even with a larger family group. You can also use it in a chain hotel.

The best short-break gift

The VVV Lekkerweg gift card is valid for five years, and there are no booking restrictions on dates. School holidays and public holidays included. You decide on its value when you buy it, for € 25.- and upwards. Really good for a silver wedding, a 50th birthday or a 40th anniversary.

Unique aspects

When the user is looking at possible accommodation online, tips from the VVV will appear with details of outings and ideas of activities in the area and period given. Could be for a special exhibition, or a guide tour with a forest warden. Something special. That’s the VVV Lekkerweg gift card.

Been given a VVV Lekkerweg gift card?

Congratulations! And now you want to know where you can use it? Go here for a list of all properties accepting the card. Tip: first activate your card before you make a booking.

Where to buy the VVV Lekkerweg gift card

You can buy the VVV Lekkerweg gift card in any VVV office. Here is a list of the VVV Inspiration Points in Zeeland.

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