Welcome to WiFi Zeeland! WiFi Zeeland is an initiative of DELTA in cooperation with the Province of Zeeland en VVV Zeeland. With WiFi Zeeland you can make free use of WiFi hotspots in various locations in Zeeland. Simple to use, you can log in to check email, visit websites and use such social media as Twitter and Facebook. Free of charge, and at a speed of 1 Mbps. You can also select a paid option, at higher speeds on WiFi Zeeland.

This Internet service is available throughout most of Zeeland. Look here to see where you can log in to WiFi Zeeland.


  • Connect when you have identified a location with good connectivity. A poor signal will lower the speed.
  • Open your browser. If you do not see the login page of WiFi Zeeland, open any website. The login page of WiFi Zeeland will then load. Follow instructions on the screen.
  • WiFi Zeeland is a public network and less secure than your own network at home.
  • Be careful: data sent and received over this connection can be seen by third parties
  • Do not send any confidential information unless absolutely necessary.
  • Take care when you log in to websites such as social media or your bank, always enter the full address yourself.
  • Services such as banks and social media always offer the option of logging in with SSL or HTTPS. You can recognise this by the ‘lock’ logo in the status bar on your browser, and ‘https’ is displayed. If you cannot see the lock, do not log in.

Wishing you superb connectivity on WiFi Zeeland! And a happy stay!

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