Land on Sea

Zeelandbrug bridge Noord-Beveland

Land on Sea

Zeelandbrug bridge Noord-Beveland

Land on Sea

Pay a virtual visit to Zeeland so that you can still enjoy all the beautiful things that our province has to offer. We provide you with the best tips for at home.

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To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules. Check them here in English.

Welcome to Zeeland, land in the sea, of the sea. Covered more by water than by a fiercely protected land. With an intimate relationship with the sea. Zeeland is a land of shores and islands – though increasingly they form peninsulas. We still usually say ‘islands’.

Our coast wriggles along 650 km of dikes, dunes, bays and dams. You’re never more than 15 minutes away from open water. Now that opens the mind.

The waters of Zeeland

We’re always nudging water. The North Sea, the Ooster- and Westerschelde estuaries. Creeks, gulleys, channels and waterways. There’s always a place for you.

The other side

A strong cultural reference here is the ‘overkant’, the other side. Having been an archipelago for so long, there is literally always another side. Each part of Zeeland shows its own particular side – and the other. It reinforces the idea that everyone – all Zeeuws – is inter-dependent, brought home by the region’s Delta Works, dikes and dams. There’s much more to the Zeeuw than a rigid exterior. Ask the right question, and you’ll see!


A land too of flower-covered dikes and splendid polders. Of cycling along the outer dike, almost in the water. The sea protective dikes and inlets are an inviting landscape for cyclists. On one side, long vistas of polders. The other, sea-going ships.

The bike hub network helps you put together your own routes and timings. All you can bike..

Outdoors and active

With our coastline of 650 kilometres and not a few twists and turns, you’ll always find a beach. Stretching for ever, or just a wee bay. See how being on an island feeds your imagination. Gaze at the North Sea, turn around, and behind the dunes lies an intriguing inland, with polders and dikes to explore. And space, wow, no shortage of space here! Room for everyone. Even water sport fanatics find their own bit of beach – and sky – to fly themselves, or their kites, into. What a sight on a windy day!

Whether you’re on your bike, walking around or on horse-back, you can quickly dive into nature – or the water. Marked routes will show you where. Or collect your own route online, or at a VVV Inspiration Point.

Feed your mind, mind your food

Speaking culinarily, we have a table of briny goodies, with the silky smoothness of zilt (salty). Cockles, and mussels, and lobsters (in season). Fresh from the sea to your plate. We have the most Michelin-starred restaurants in the country. Our chefs make good use of all Zeeland can offer. Sea aster and glasswort as your veggies. And that luscious lightly salted meat from creatures raised on saline soils. Fruit fresh from the orchards of Beveland. Our yummy sweets and pastries like the Zeeuws bolus and the boterbabbelaar. Local produce and very local delicacies. Local source, that’s Zeeland.


And partying too: land of festivals, festivities, food and drink. Culture with a big dash of Z. The late-summer Nazomerfestival offers theatre on the coast, and inland. Onderstroom in Vlissingen brings street theatre to the shore. Our legendary Concert at Sea on the Brouwersdam has a backdrop of beach, sun and sea. Tradition is strong too. Take the annual Straô in spring when processions of decorated horses go to wash their hooves in the sea, and the whole village has a party. Special to Schouwen. You’ll find other feasts, with mussels, everywhere. From Bruinisse to Breskens. Welcome! We’ll be joining you. We like a party too. One of our sides.

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